After years of making beads with polymer-clay, I attended  a class in glassbead-making. That inspired me very much. Immediately after that I bought my own torch, kiln and all materials needed for beadmaking. Now, after a few years I love the process of beadmaking and still am inspired by the transparency and the shine of glass. Every day I improve my skills, learn new things, discover new techniques  and try out new ways of using the glass.

All beads on this site are handmade. In some jewelry they are combined with other materials and sometimes small beads I have bought. The handmade beads sometimes are sold in sets, but each bead is unique and one of a kind.

My beads are all kiln-annealed. That means that the hot beads are placed in a glasskiln and cool down in a controlled way. This process minimizes the chance of the beads cracking after cooling.

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BeeldFaktor - decemb2009