Glassbead-art offers you the opportunity of experiencing the art of glassbead-making yourself.

There are workshops for beginners and for more experienced beadmakers. Workshops are given individually or for 2 persons at the same time and take place at Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays during daytime or in the evening.

During this workshop you work with professional material. Iíve got 2 different torches available: A propane torch and an oxygen torch.

During the workshop you wear an apron an dydimium glasses for safety. It is recommended that you wear longsleeved  cotton clothes. If youíve got long hair, wear it in a pony-tail for safety-reasons. Good ventilation is provided.

You work with Moretti-glassrods. Immediately after making them, your beads are placed in a glass-kiln to properly anneal them.

This means you cannot take them home with you after the workshop. You can pick them up the next day, or Iíll send them to you afterwards.

I clean the beads for you.

A 3 hour during workshop costs Ä 45,00. If you book this for 2 persons at the same time you pay Ä 40,00 p.p.


  • Workshop beginners:

During this workshop you get information about the different sorts of glass and you learn how to make a round bead and decorate it with different kinds of dots, frit, millefiori and stringers. Itís also possible to make a simple raised flower on a bead. You can make at about 15 beads.

If you would to make large hole beads to fit your Pandora or Troll-beads bracelet, please indicate this request on your booking. At additional charge you can choose for me to add silver cores in this beads

  • Advanced workshop:

You can choose different possibilities 

1)       Advanced course on the beginners workshop:

Refining the basic techniques of the beginner's workshop. You learn how to encase and make different shaped beads as a tube or a crunched bead.

2)       Workshop stamped beads:

In this course you learn to form beads with a mould.  You can choose from different shapes as a tile, lentil or tab. Formed beads can be decorated with the techniques youíve learned before.

3)       Workshop working with Silverglass:

This workshop is designed for people who already have experience with glassbeadmaking or joined my other classes as described above this.

You learn to work with different kinds of Silverglass. I wok with Double Helix Silverglass and you can choose between Psyche, Triton, Ekho or Clio.

You learn how to reduce and strike the glass and use it in different ways to achieve different kinds of effects, encased or not. These beads you can also shape with moulds.

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